Mr.Keo Samen

Mr. Keo Samen, 35 years old, handicraft metal door and window, Battambang District,
Battambang Province. Before getting loan from Seilanithih, he was shortage of cash in
buying iron to make metal windows and doors to clients. And his house was 4mx8m covered
by zinc and zinc wall. He borrowed $1,800 to purchase iron and enlarge his business. After
got loan from Seilanithih, he has enlarged his house to 7mx23m and can earn more profit
than before and have order a lot from clients. Moreover, during borrowing loan 2 years from
Seilanithih, he bought a car and purchased land, he will plan to expand his business and start
up another new business. He thanks to Seilanithih that gave loan to him and bought a car and
land. Without loan from Seilanithih, he would be not having everything today.