Mrs.Pheng Bo

Mrs.Pheng Bo, 26 years old, Siem Reap District, Siem Reap Province. Before getting loan from
Seilanithih, she was shortage of money to enlarge her business in hitting papaya and fried
noodle selling. Furthermore, her house was so small and covered by palm leaf and difficult to
live when it had wind and rained. After that, she borrowed 1,000,000KHR from Seilanithih,
to enlarge her business. After she got loan from Seilanithih, she has enlarged her business and
earned more income. Moreover, she has changed her small house covered by palm leaf roof
to large house covered by zinc roof that has been convenient and comfortable to live. She
sincerely thanks to Seilanithih gave loan to her and makes her life better.