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Huot HakOn behalf of the board of directors, I am pleased to express my gratitude to all the company management team and staff for their strong efforts in 2012. Despite facing many adversities and challenges, and having only the acting Chief Executive Officer, the management was able to achieve positive result in 25 branches, and was able to reduce the non-performing loan, and also generate a reasonable amount of financial income. I have been appointed as the new Chairman since 14 November, 2013, and am extremely thankful for the support from all the board members. Due to the funding constraints during the year, although there was a reduction in the total loan portfolio and the number of clients, Seilanithih maintained a good portfolio quality with low non-performing loan and write-offs.

            Moving to 2013, the company will continue to expand its services to a greater number of Cambodian people in the urban and rural areas. The focus during the year will be to not only reduce the cost of our operations with higher productivity and better efficiency levels, but also increasing loan portfolio. The organization will have a stronger management team, with a new CEO joining in early 2013, and other vacant positions also getting filled up soon. Moreover, we will continue to provide more effective oversight and successfully execute strategies to introduce stronger risk management policies. Seilanithih will continue to have an effective information sharing and an effective management system to make well-informed and smart decisions to respond to the market situation promptly.

            Finally, I would like to recognize the contribution of our valued customers, suppliers, lenders, regulators, donors, National Bank of Cambodia, and general related public ministries.

Without your support we may not be what we are now.