Clients Success story

Our Success Clients and their businesses

Many of our clients are existing small business owners or those who are starting their own small business for the very first time. At Seilanithih, we try our best to provide them with the most flexible lending at the most affordable rates. This page is dedicated to our current clients and future clients for their strong determination and spirit as and into entrepreneurship. Please read about their stories here:

Mrs. Ya Mao is 39 years old merchant who sells fish and groceries in Sampovloun District of Battambang  province. She took out a loan of 100,00 Thai Baht from Seilanithih and used it to supplement the cost of goods and raise a farm. The loan was essential to supporting and helping her grow her business. With the extra income from her thriving business, she’s expanded her house, business and purchased a used car. She says that her life is much better than before and will spread the word about Seilanithih to her customers.

Mrs.Ya Mao

Groceries Battambang Province
Mr. Keo Samen, 35 years old, handicraft metal door and window, Battambang District, Battambang Province. Before getting loan from Seilanithih, he was shortage of cash in buying iron to make metal windows and doors to clients. And his house was 4mx8m covered by zinc and zinc wall. He borrowed $1,800 to purchase iron and enlarge his business. After got loan from Seilanithih, he has enlarged his house to 7mx23m and can earn more profit than before and have order a lot from clients. Moreover, during borrowing loan 2 years from Seilanithih, he bought a car and purchased land, he will plan to expand his business and start up another new business. He thanks to Seilanithih that gave loan to him and bought a car and land. Without loan from Seilanithih, he would be not having everything today.

Mr.Keo Samen

handicraft metal door and windowBattambong Province
Mrs.Pheng Bo, 26 years old, Siem Reap District, Siem Reap Province. Before getting loan from Seilanithih, she was shortage of money to enlarge her business in hitting papaya and fried noodle selling. Furthermore, her house was so small and covered by palm leaf and difficult to live when it had wind and rained. After that, she borrowed 1,000,000KHR from Seilanithih, to enlarge her business. After she got loan from Seilanithih, she has enlarged her business and earned more income. Moreover, she has changed her small house covered by palm leaf roof to large house covered by zinc roof that has been convenient and comfortable to live. She sincerely thanks to Seilanithih gave loan to her and makes her life better.

Mrs.Pheng Bo

Noodle sellingSiem Reap Province
Mrs. Ven Sambath, 53 years old, farmer (planting cassava and corn), Battambang Province. Before getting loan from Seilanithih, she was shortage of cash in planting the cassava and corn. At that time, her house was small and covered by thatch so it was difficult to live. She borrowed KHR 6,000,000 to plant cassava and corn. After got loan from Seilanithih, she can have enough money to the buy the seed and planting cassava and corn. Moreover, she has changed her house that covered by thatch to covered by zinc and have left money to buy a small tractor. Finally, she thanks to Seilanithih that gave loan to her and make her life better and have everything today.

Mrs.Ven Sambath

farmer (planting cassava and corn),Battambang Province